Did you know…A few – You Can Know Why – facts

This is a small list of “You Can Know Why” facts that we’ve compiled… Enjoy!

Bees do not transfer the chemicals from the plant to the honey!  So all honey is naturally organic.

Organic foods are naturally non-GMO.

Incidence of Alzeheimer is on the same curve as the use of statin drugs.

PS   Did you know can stop taking statins cold turkey.  Can’t do that with many other meds.

Most heart issues are just a mineral deficiency – Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals is what we’ve used.

Most birth defects are a mineral deficiency… for example:  a selenium deficiency causes the cleft palate, cystic fibrosis, … If you have a specific question about this, please ask!

  • I was appalled when I learned this…why wasn’t I told to make sure I was not minerally deficient.  Thankfully we have healthy children, but others reading this may not and I’m sorry you have to read this here if it’s the first time this is being revealed to you.

Most Chronic Diseases are a mineral deficiency… for example:  Calcium/magnesium deficiency causes osteoporosis, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, bone spurs, …

Cravings are a mineral deficiency.  Instead of grabbing the pickle with ice cream… try some Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals.

PS  The snack industry has had this craving issue figured out for a longtime.  When you are nutritionally deficient, you will have cravings.  Salt is a mineral and will fulfill the craving for a bit.

  • For me it was an adjustment to not have cravings anymore…old habits  – usually bad ones – are easily broken when we are fully nutrified, but you will go through an adjustment period.

Have any you would like to add to the list?  Please do so!