Body Brushing?

Another topic from my Daily Morning Routine that may need a little more explaining:

Body Brushing.  You need a brush with a handle of some sort. 

Before you shower, brush from feet up.  Be careful around you heart as you want to make sure you are not doing an valve damage by brushing in the wrong direction.

... Life: Detox for the Mind and Body - Part 1 of 5 - Dry Skin Brushing   Find a chart like this online.  It’s important!

Why should you body brush?  Circulation.  This will increase circulation to all areas you brush.  Circulation is one of the keys to staying health.  I found that spider veins decreased.  And, other unsightly things, that aging lady’s complain about, have not shown up!  Oh my?!  Oh, so true though!

Any questions?  Additions?   :o)

Coconut Benefits

Let me just touch on the Coconut oil subject:

After our youngest son reacted to all sun screens, it forced us to look outside of the box.  Thankfully we found out that coconut oil (high quality, not heated…) is a great sun screen.   We have been using this for almost 10 years without a single sunburn.  Amazing!

We also use coconut oil for oil pulling.  You can use other oils, but this is one we feel most comfortable with and gives us the most benefits.

We cook mostly with butter, but every now and then we make popcorn and well,…yum!  Heat equal parts butter and coconut oil, pour over popped corn, salt is a bit and what a delicious treat.

Hope that is helpful.  If you are interested in learning more about oil pulling, Google it!  You will be amazed how it whitens your teeth, cleans up your gums, removes harmful bacterial from your body, …so many good things from this.

Any questions, comments, please add them below.  Thank you!

Daily mid-day-evening routine

Here is the mid-day routine…not too detailed.

At around noon, before eating

  • Take a quality digestive enzyme about 10 minutes before you eat
  • Get supplements ready
  • Drink high alkaline water between meal (not during as it binds to the minerals in your food)
  • Get outside!  Absorb some natural vitamin D!
  • Deep Breathing – seriously, this can save you from so many health issues


Before bed

  • take evening supplements
  • eat high fat low sugar high quality ice cream – this will help you sleep like a baby
  • put an essential oil on the bottom of your feet to help your body fight virus’s, bacteria, fungus and more
  • make a list of what you want to get done the day!

Any questions?  Please ask!

Daily Morning Routine

To get this blog rolling, I’m going to start with something that has changed my life for the better.   Ever wonder what people do everyday, day after day?  Over the years I’ve learned a few nuggets and have implemented them.  This is an outline of what I do (almost) everyday – this is my daily morning routine:

  • Hop out of bed!  (okay, roll out…)
  • Get ready to shower, but first…
  • Before showering –
    • start oil pulling (do this while showering too – then spit it out in the toilet)
    • body brushing
  • I’m a huge Norwex fan and love their washcloths because you (seriously) don’t need soap
  • After showering I put a tablespoon of coconut oil with a few drops of frankincense essential oil in the palm of my hand, then:
    • Apply gently to face, then arms and legs
    • This has been a great sunscreen for us
  • Make a good cup of coffee (only organic please)
  • Drink a large glass of water (probably dehydrated from sleeping ~8 hours)
  • Read God’s word, relax, sit and be quiet
  • Make a good old homemade breakfast with eggs – the whole egg – as many as possible – good brain food!
  • Take high quality absorbable, bio-available…supplements (mandatory!)
  • That’s where I’m at…I’ll add more!

After getting my list down, I realized I have so many things to share about each bullet point!  If you have specific questions, please comment and/or email me.  I’ll try to write about each that need explaining over the next few days.