Why be a yo yo?

If you have gone on diet after diet…you understand the title of this blog better than others.

You go on a diet, lose weight.  Go off the diet, gain the weight back.  Repeat.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.  

Yet, this is what we do, over and over…

Instead, let’s look at what you are really doing.  Several diets actually put your body into crisis mode…which causes it to hang onto every bit of fat it can get.  Other diets have you do something temporary and then you go back to your old routines…What?!  Again…look at the definition of insanity…you have to make a permanent change (new habits) to keep the desired result.

We did a 10 day program that encouraged new habits

One of the best and easiest new habits to stick with was, don’t eat after 6pm or at least 2 hours before you go to bed.  Since we have been sticking to this, we are feeling better, because our bodies aren’t working so hard to digest foods while it should be relaxing.

Stop all alcohol.  Pretty easy, since we aren’t much into that scene – thankfully!

Stop all caffeine – WHAT?!   Yes, we did it and I’m surprised how easy it was to give up that warm delicious cup of dark gold, every morning, noon and afternoon…  :o)

Stop all gluten – again, pretty easy.  We aren’t big bread and pasta eaters.  And when we do eat it, it’s mostly with gluten free bread and rice noodles anyway.

Stop eating processed food – because it ain’t food… :/  We made sure we had snacks, such as cut up fruit and veggies.  We also took the Juice plus capsules and Complete protein drink with coconut or almond milk for one or two of the meals each day.   (One day, we did break down and had Qdoba for lunch – yum!)

Okay, this is the kicker…No CHOCOLATE.  Yes, Tamara, not a bit.

These new habits have been easy so far and (at least some of them) are hopefully permanent.  We plan to do this 10 day routine every other month.

Want to join us?!