No food in our food?

What does this mean and how is it reflected in our lives?

I think it means, there are so many fillers in the boxed type foods.  And it means  most of our farm land is mineraly deficient, and so we are mineraly deficient.

How is it reflected in our lives – especially in America?

Through the incident of chronic disease which continues to rise.

Through the incident of cancers, which continue to rise.

American’s are shorter today than previous generations?  Oh my, that was the aah-ha! moment for me.

Children are predicted to live a shorter life span than their parents?  So Sad…

All because our food is not food…?!  Yep.  So what can we do about this?

“We eat healthy” … it’s not enough.   We must find quality absorbable plant derived supplements.    Seriously.