Why are the incidents of Birth Defects on the rise?

This morning I read some really upsetting news about a family and their newborn who is having serious health issues and the doctors don’t have any answers. This is becoming a common issue (1 out of 6 babies born have some sort of health issue).

This is such a tough topic. Could the answer be result of a lack of whole nutrition? Let me give you my definition of whole nutrition: organic foods that have been grown in an environment permeated with minerals.

If a lack of minerals in our foods is causing chronic disease to rise, why wouldn’t this lack of minerals also have a similar effect on Birth Defects? We need an absorb-able quantity of minerals daily, if we don’t get it, issues from diabetes to high blood pressure will occur.

Stop…Think.  Right?  Do something now.  Insanity is thinking something will change without making a change.