The cost to juice

Warning:  Advertisement…but I have to share what I learned!

Have you ever thought about how much would it cost to juice 30 organic fruits and veggies for one person for one day?   I had to find out!   So, the other day I went to a grocery store – one that typically has the largest selection of organic foods.  Are you sitting down?  If not, sit…seriously, I was shocked.

…I could only find 16 items (the banana wasn’t even organic).  It cost me $24.18 for 16 single servings – yes, for one person for one day.  OUCH!   Who can afford to do that everyday?  You’d have to own a grocery store (Robin?) and take home the outdated produce – well, that is what I would do.  Even though many of the nutrients are lost the older the produce gets.

If you are looking for a proven ~$2/day option without shopping, washing, cutting, and clean up… click on Juice Plus <–right there!  We did and I’m so thankful for what I know.

WHY is it important to have such a variety of organic fruits and veggies?   Here are somethings I learned:

  • We need 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies every day.   (Serving size is the size of your fist.)  It used to be only 5 recommended servings in ~1950, recommendation changed because the food has less in it now.
  • Getting a good variety every day with Juice Plus (30 ORGANIC fruits, vegetables and grains), reduces your risk of cancer.    I can’t even imagine trying to juice that much…what a mess!
  • An apple has 10-12,000 phyto-nutrients…a multivitamin with its 10 – 30 ingredients pales in comparison.
  • A lab tech was at a Juice Plus meeting.  She tested her blood while starting on the product and watch her HDL jump…that is good.  :o)  That cemented her commitment to the product.
  • Juice Plus is an almost all organic whole food not a supplement.  It is absorbed, reduces oxidative stress, reduces inflammation (root of most diseases), supports the immune system (because this is a predigested product – like sauerkraut), protects your DNA and more!
  • About the tower garden (you could put this on your patio!)…uses 90% less water, food grows very fast…  Ladies were bragging about getting so much produce, they are giving it away to the neighbors!  I haven’t gotten much from our garden yet…  :/
  • Doctors, who understand nutrition, are prescribing this to their patients.
  • There are 35 independent studies…and those studies are very interesting…I can’t remember, but there was a significant fact, that even though they were independent, they all had at least one same positive conclusion…I’ll have to ask!
  • With your Juice Plus Trio shipment you will get 4 months for ~$284 or ~$71/month.  They also have granola bars and shakes…yum!   Remember what you learned up above… cost for 16 veggie and fruits, you would need to spend about $25/day or $750/month.  OUCH!

Please go through that link – yes, I will earn a commission, which means I will get answers to questions you may have and I can help you earn a mission too.

If you have any questions, please ask.


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