Confused? To many products to choose from? This is what we do, and why…

There is a lot out there!  Here is a quick summary of how I see things.

Why Juice Plus:  it is whole food that provides all the veggies and fruits along with the phytonutrients (supplements do not), it is a base for your nutrition so supplements are more able to be absorbed.

Why Youngevity:  it is a whole nutritional supplement.  With this you are avoiding fractionated nutrition – some of this, some of that.

Why Essential Oils:  they help with temporary relief for this and that.   Our favorite is Frankincense – healing, calming…great stuff!

Water – some with a lemon slice, some without – a good balance to help your body balance the alkalinity and acidity in our body, which boosts your immune system, which is one of the factors to help avoid inflammation, cancers and chronic disease.

Fermented foods – help your stomach as much as possible will do the same as the water comment from above.  The more you help your stomach, by giving it easily digested foods, you are naturally boosting your immune system.  Go Sauerkraut!

With these bits of this and that, along with a lot of prayer, I feel confident our family should remain very healthy both physically and mentally.

If you would like to add any comments, please do so!  Thank you!

The cost to juice

Warning:  Advertisement…but I have to share what I learned!

Have you ever thought about how much would it cost to juice 30 organic fruits and veggies for one person for one day?   I had to find out!   So, the other day I went to a grocery store – one that typically has the largest selection of organic foods.  Are you sitting down?  If not, sit…seriously, I was shocked.

…I could only find 16 items (the banana wasn’t even organic).  It cost me $24.18 for 16 single servings – yes, for one person for one day.  OUCH!   Who can afford to do that everyday?  You’d have to own a grocery store (Robin?) and take home the outdated produce – well, that is what I would do.  Even though many of the nutrients are lost the older the produce gets.

If you are looking for a proven ~$2/day option without shopping, washing, cutting, and clean up… click on Juice Plus <–right there!  We did and I’m so thankful for what I know.

WHY is it important to have such a variety of organic fruits and veggies?   Here are somethings I learned:

  • We need 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies every day.   (Serving size is the size of your fist.)  It used to be only 5 recommended servings in ~1950, recommendation changed because the food has less in it now.
  • Getting a good variety every day with Juice Plus (30 ORGANIC fruits, vegetables and grains), reduces your risk of cancer.    I can’t even imagine trying to juice that much…what a mess!
  • An apple has 10-12,000 phyto-nutrients…a multivitamin with its 10 – 30 ingredients pales in comparison.
  • A lab tech was at a Juice Plus meeting.  She tested her blood while starting on the product and watch her HDL jump…that is good.  :o)  That cemented her commitment to the product.
  • Juice Plus is an almost all organic whole food not a supplement.  It is absorbed, reduces oxidative stress, reduces inflammation (root of most diseases), supports the immune system (because this is a predigested product – like sauerkraut), protects your DNA and more!
  • About the tower garden (you could put this on your patio!)…uses 90% less water, food grows very fast…  Ladies were bragging about getting so much produce, they are giving it away to the neighbors!  I haven’t gotten much from our garden yet…  :/
  • Doctors, who understand nutrition, are prescribing this to their patients.
  • There are 35 independent studies…and those studies are very interesting…I can’t remember, but there was a significant fact, that even though they were independent, they all had at least one same positive conclusion…I’ll have to ask!
  • With your Juice Plus Trio shipment you will get 4 months for ~$284 or ~$71/month.  They also have granola bars and shakes…yum!   Remember what you learned up above… cost for 16 veggie and fruits, you would need to spend about $25/day or $750/month.  OUCH!

Please go through that link – yes, I will earn a commission, which means I will get answers to questions you may have and I can help you earn a mission too.

If you have any questions, please ask.