Autism…what can we do? Just a start…to get us thinking!

Today I saw a post on Facebook  on Autism from a kids point of view.   I wish I would have seen that years ago – so I could have had more empathy for parents and their children suffering from this.

Just think, not that long ago 1 in 10,000 kids were diagnosed with autism. Today 1/50 or fewer are diagnosed.    Thank you for coming my blog to help each other get real about this tough topic.

Today, let’s start to unravel what the conspiracy theorists say (I tend to agree with them on this topic) …

Vaccines?  That is what I’ve always understood is the major cause.  Vaccines have many preservatives in them that may be causing this issue.  A friend shared with me that by just lengthening the time between vaccines, these types of health issues may be avoided.

The MMR specifically…give one more year between dosages.

You can question the docs… they are normal people just like you and me.  If you don’t get the answer that makes you comfortable, don’t have the vaccine administered until you are comfortable.  You question what oil they put in your car, right?  Question what they put in your child’s body.

Spread out the vaccines.  Don’t do the bundle!  Who Cares if it saves you money and time.  Your child is worth spending that extra hour at the doctors office.

Glysophates (nasty Round-up) in our food.  The increase in this on our foods is causing health issues…including autism.  EAT ORGANIC!  As much as possible – please.

  • Comment below if you want to listen to a story about an 8 yr old with severe autism who, 11 years later, graduated from high school with honors and is now off to college studying biomedical engineering.  

I am a Mom with a Mission!  Flood your body with Fruits and Veggies, I can tell you how.

This is just a small start to this seriously big problem.  Don’t avoid talking about it, that is the best start…we need to help educate each other on this issue.  This  virus and that virus will come and go.  Autism is here to stay, let’s do something about this today.

Let’s do something to help stop this and to help those suffering with this.

What have you learned?  Please share by making a comment.