Why, What, Who, When, Where…

Warning:  This is a ranting post!  Not for the faint of heart…proceed with caution!

Yes, lot’s of W words…but we need to use them more often.  Especially WHEN it concerns our health.

A friend of a friend is having her thyroid removed because it has nodules on it.  I seriously hope and pray that she asked…Why did they develop?  But why remove it?  Possibly concerned about cancer… Okay, okay, but removing it won’t take care of the possible cancer issue.  Cancer stem cells are coursing their way through all of our bodies.  If you have a healthy immune system, your body will fight off cancer (too easy to believe…yes, I understand, but it is true!).  If you don’t have a healthy immune system, you will develop symptoms – such as nodules on your thyroid, which may lead to other issues if the first is ignored – or in this case – removed…  Got it?

Don’t Ignore symptoms – Don’t.

Don’t cover them up – Don’t.

Don’t remove them – Don’t.

Address the health issue! DO!

Stop procrastinating…oh my, that applies to me too doesn’t it?!  Yes, my face is red!

Please note:  If you have any health issue, your body will develop a symptom, because it’s trying to get your attention that something is wrong!  If you remove the symptom, you might be okay for while, UNTIL your body develops another symptom…because the health issue was never addressed.

The best way to address any health issue/symptom is by “changing the terrain.” What I mean by this statement is –

  1. Change what you are putting in your body:
    • Carbonated drinks – water, soda, juice…REMOVE them from your grocery list!
    • Eat organic foods (which are also non-GMO).
    • Reduce/eliminate fried foods – seriously bad stuff!
  2. Change your sleeping pattern…are you getting quality and quantity sleep?
    • Are you sleeping on cotton sheets – not plastic microfiber sheets?  Think about it!
  3. Does your home get enough ventilation?   Could there be a radon or fungus issues…   It all Matters!
    • PS  I’m actually concerned about granite counter tops – apparently radon is  possible in minute amounts…well, if you have a compromise immune system – minute amounts matter…think about it!
  4. Stop eating meats with nitrates and nitrites…lunch meats are notorious for having these…they hurt your brain…REMOVE them from your grocery list!
  5. DO NOT eat foods with Aspartame – DO NOT.  It is poison.  Seriously.

Okay, I feel a bit better now.  That’s a good start.  Hope you learned from this rant.  It felt good to write it!    I’m sure my friends are happy I have a blog to rant to instead of to them!  :o)

Please, if you have anything to add to the list, do so!

Now that I’m thinking, I need to add more…or, I’ll save it for another post…don’t get me started!

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