About the Why, What, who, …

Okay, I was thinking I should explain why I needed to rant in my previous post…why did the “not asking why” affect me so strongly…

About 1 month ago a brother of mine passed away from a glioblastoma, the worst of the worst types of brain tumors.

We learned that about a year or so before he was diagnosed, he ignored just about every symptom his body was throwing at him.  When he could still talk, he shared with me and other family members that:

  1. He lost his appetite, (lost 40 pounds – he wasn’t a big guy),
  2. Was forgetful – blamed getting old,
  3. Foot was slipping on the gas pedal just days before he ended up at the hospital.
  4. Eye sight issues
  5. Hand writing declined markedly

This is one of the many reason I am doing this blog.  WE learned SO MUCH from this tragic experience, I can’t stand not sharing what we learned.  Maybe somebody will pay attention and learn from what we learned.  Please do!

Over the next few months, I will go into details about:

  1. Being a patient advocate
  2. Diet change – the Change the Terrain discussed in the from the rank post  :o)
  3. Supplementing
  4. Juicing and affordable options
  5. Water water and more water
  6. Breath – yes, take a deep breath RIGHT NOW – Please!
  7. Directions for care
  8. Organizing for the next care giver
  9. Finances
  10. Will, Power of Attorney, …

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