Body Brushing?

Another topic from my Daily Morning Routine that may need a little more explaining:

Body Brushing.  You need a brush with a handle of some sort. 

Before you shower, brush from feet up.  Be careful around you heart as you want to make sure you are not doing an valve damage by brushing in the wrong direction.

... Life: Detox for the Mind and Body - Part 1 of 5 - Dry Skin Brushing   Find a chart like this online.  It’s important!

Why should you body brush?  Circulation.  This will increase circulation to all areas you brush.  Circulation is one of the keys to staying health.  I found that spider veins decreased.  And, other unsightly things, that aging lady’s complain about, have not shown up!  Oh my?!  Oh, so true though!

Any questions?  Additions?   :o)

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