Did you know…A few – You Can Know Why – facts

This is a small list of “You Can Know Why” facts that we’ve compiled… Enjoy!

Bees do not transfer the chemicals from the plant to the honey!  So all honey is naturally organic.

Organic foods are naturally non-GMO.

Incidence of Alzeheimer is on the same curve as the use of statin drugs.

PS   Did you know can stop taking statins cold turkey.  Can’t do that with many other meds.

Most heart issues are just a mineral deficiency – Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals is what we’ve used.

Most birth defects are a mineral deficiency… for example:  a selenium deficiency causes the cleft palate, cystic fibrosis, … If you have a specific question about this, please ask!

  • I was appalled when I learned this…why wasn’t I told to make sure I was not minerally deficient.  Thankfully we have healthy children, but others reading this may not and I’m sorry you have to read this here if it’s the first time this is being revealed to you.

Most Chronic Diseases are a mineral deficiency… for example:  Calcium/magnesium deficiency causes osteoporosis, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, bone spurs, …

Cravings are a mineral deficiency.  Instead of grabbing the pickle with ice cream… try some Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals.

PS  The snack industry has had this craving issue figured out for a longtime.  When you are nutritionally deficient, you will have cravings.  Salt is a mineral and will fulfill the craving for a bit.

  • For me it was an adjustment to not have cravings anymore…old habits  – usually bad ones – are easily broken when we are fully nutrified, but you will go through an adjustment period.

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About the Why, What, who, …

Okay, I was thinking I should explain why I needed to rant in my previous post…why did the “not asking why” affect me so strongly…

About 1 month ago a brother of mine passed away from a glioblastoma, the worst of the worst types of brain tumors.

We learned that about a year or so before he was diagnosed, he ignored just about every symptom his body was throwing at him.  When he could still talk, he shared with me and other family members that:

  1. He lost his appetite, (lost 40 pounds – he wasn’t a big guy),
  2. Was forgetful – blamed getting old,
  3. Foot was slipping on the gas pedal just days before he ended up at the hospital.
  4. Eye sight issues
  5. Hand writing declined markedly

This is one of the many reason I am doing this blog.  WE learned SO MUCH from this tragic experience, I can’t stand not sharing what we learned.  Maybe somebody will pay attention and learn from what we learned.  Please do!

Over the next few months, I will go into details about:

  1. Being a patient advocate
  2. Diet change – the Change the Terrain discussed in the from the rank post  :o)
  3. Supplementing
  4. Juicing and affordable options
  5. Water water and more water
  6. Breath – yes, take a deep breath RIGHT NOW – Please!
  7. Directions for care
  8. Organizing for the next care giver
  9. Finances
  10. Will, Power of Attorney, …

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Why, What, Who, When, Where…

Warning:  This is a ranting post!  Not for the faint of heart…proceed with caution!

Yes, lot’s of W words…but we need to use them more often.  Especially WHEN it concerns our health.

A friend of a friend is having her thyroid removed because it has nodules on it.  I seriously hope and pray that she asked…Why did they develop?  But why remove it?  Possibly concerned about cancer… Okay, okay, but removing it won’t take care of the possible cancer issue.  Cancer stem cells are coursing their way through all of our bodies.  If you have a healthy immune system, your body will fight off cancer (too easy to believe…yes, I understand, but it is true!).  If you don’t have a healthy immune system, you will develop symptoms – such as nodules on your thyroid, which may lead to other issues if the first is ignored – or in this case – removed…  Got it?

Don’t Ignore symptoms – Don’t.

Don’t cover them up – Don’t.

Don’t remove them – Don’t.

Address the health issue! DO!

Stop procrastinating…oh my, that applies to me too doesn’t it?!  Yes, my face is red!

Please note:  If you have any health issue, your body will develop a symptom, because it’s trying to get your attention that something is wrong!  If you remove the symptom, you might be okay for while, UNTIL your body develops another symptom…because the health issue was never addressed.

The best way to address any health issue/symptom is by “changing the terrain.” What I mean by this statement is –

  1. Change what you are putting in your body:
    • Carbonated drinks – water, soda, juice…REMOVE them from your grocery list!
    • Eat organic foods (which are also non-GMO).
    • Reduce/eliminate fried foods – seriously bad stuff!
  2. Change your sleeping pattern…are you getting quality and quantity sleep?
    • Are you sleeping on cotton sheets – not plastic microfiber sheets?  Think about it!
  3. Does your home get enough ventilation?   Could there be a radon or fungus issues…   It all Matters!
    • PS  I’m actually concerned about granite counter tops – apparently radon is  possible in minute amounts…well, if you have a compromise immune system – minute amounts matter…think about it!
  4. Stop eating meats with nitrates and nitrites…lunch meats are notorious for having these…they hurt your brain…REMOVE them from your grocery list!
  5. DO NOT eat foods with Aspartame – DO NOT.  It is poison.  Seriously.

Okay, I feel a bit better now.  That’s a good start.  Hope you learned from this rant.  It felt good to write it!    I’m sure my friends are happy I have a blog to rant to instead of to them!  :o)

Please, if you have anything to add to the list, do so!

Now that I’m thinking, I need to add more…or, I’ll save it for another post…don’t get me started!

7 – 13 cups of fruits and veggies / day – everyday…WHY?

Okay, I am a bit embarrassed to admit:  we are serious carnivores; it’s easier to make a cheeseburger, and a side salad for a meal.  Or I’ll make a roast, potatoes, green beans (cooked too much I’m sure) and maybe a side salad.  Yes, I’ll admit, “maybe” a side salad…    You and I know we are not eating enough of this or that…especially fruits and veggies.  Why, who and what is below.

~7 cups of Fruits and Veggies

WHY do we need to have a variety of 7 – 13 + cups of fruits and veggies each and everyday?  If we know the WHY, maybe THEN we’ll have a sense of urgency to ensure we are getting enough everyday?  Here are only 4 of the best reasons – I thought were the best reasons – to eat at least 7 cups of veggies/fruits each and everyday!  :o)

  1. Phytonutrients…check out this “Fruits and Veggies More Matters.”   This site goes into seriously good details…so much, that I’m not even attempting to summarize.
  2. Chlorophyll – found in the leafy green plants.  Helps with a wide range of areas.  Check out the Global Health Healing Center site.
  3. Reduces Oxidative stress – take an apple, cut it in half, then on half of that apply a little lemon juice.  Wait for it…after waiting a few minutes, you will begin to see a change on the side without the lemon – an example of Oxidative stress.  You don’t want that to happen to your body.  The side with the lemon looks the same as when you cut it…that is an example of what happens when you are getting fruits and veggies in your body.
  4. Fiber – to keep the digestive system rocking and rolling!

Who said we need this quantity…?  …government?…but, how do they know?  Doctors?…the typical allopathic doctor is not trained in nutrition…  I guess nutritionist?  But how did they come up with that quantity?   I’m still researching this…Do you know?  If so, please share a comment and or a link.  Inquiring minds want to know!

What are your options?  You do have options! Trying to eat that much is daunting!  Here is what those who truly understand this do:

  • Juicing.    If you don’t mind shopping for pounds and pounds of fruits and veggies or if you have a big garden, this is a viable option.  With juicing, you let the juicer do the chewing and you do the drinking!  There are really good combinations of fruits and veggies that can be delicious.     As I learn more, I’ll pass that along.

Until then…and because I know me and I know I’m not a good kitchen helper (I grew up on a farm and was an outside chores kid!), the following is the best option for me (and you?):

  • Juice Plus...ready for this super short cut?  I love it!  We still have fruits and veggies.  But, this is a great addition.  And, it’s strange to think that in a few capsules (or gummies – yes they have gummies – not just for kids!) – you get all of the servings of fruits and veggies…, it’s true and they have 35 studies documenting this.  Go to the Juice Plus link, it’s all there.  And better yet…big coupon here…if you have a child, when you sign up, go under the child’s study…see video to help you through this.  If you are like me and this is an interesting option for you, please sign up through my link provided, as that will help me to continue to share with you!

Eat  papa!  (Especially your fruits and veggies!)

If you have questions, comments, options…please share them in the comments section!